Company Profile
Mr. R. S. Saluja

Industry Experience:
49 years
Mr. Neeraj Saluja
Managing Director

Industry Experience:
25 years
Mr. Dhiraj Saluja
Joint Managing Director

Industry Experience:
21 years
Mr.V.K. Goyal
Executive Director & C.E.O

Industry Experience:
35 years
Mr. Navneet Gupta
Executive Director & C.F.O

Industry Experience:
25 years
The top management consists of The Chairman Mr. R.S. Saluja, Managing Director Mr. Neeraj Saluja, Joint MD Mr. Dhiraj Saluja, Executive Director & CEO Mr. V.K. Goyal and Executive Director & CFO Mr. Navneet Gupta

The top management through its functions provides strong leadership; visible and active support; and demonstrated commitment which is fundamental to the success of the business. It creates and articulates a vision of what the organization could achieve in the long run. It tends to move the organization in new directions and empowers people at all levels to utilize their full potential to achieve the objectives. It stresses relationships with peers, values and commitment – the emotional and spiritual aspects of the organization.

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